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Posted on Wednesday, May 12, 2004 - 11:54 pm:   

Greetings of love and peace, Ingrid

(I dDon't know if I'm doing this right. Apologies if this email appears twice somewhere. Have you seen this already? Thanks for sharing any ideas.)

After decades of strange and persistant spells of poor health,a diagnosis has finally been made of: parasite, infection, food allergens, leaky gut, Hashimoto disease, adrenal burnout etc. The identified parasite is: blastocystis hominis - moderate. The naturopathic doctor I have found has created the following regime: ADP (Product by Bioticsresearch; primarily made of Oregano oil); Paracide Forte (by Orthomolecularproducts; made of Artemesia Annua 175mg, Olive Leaf Extract 110mg, Oregano Leaf Extract 85 mg, Grapefruit Seed Extract 75 mg, and Goldenseal Root 60mg); Articin and Florabiotic 16.

I am 52 years old and have been travelling to India and the middle east since I was 17. Its likely that this problem started that long ago. For the last 25 years I have only used alternative methods to help with a variety of symptoms. All conventional treatments proved always far too harsh. I've learned that I am extremely sensitive to treatments -- I usually end up taking 1/4 the normal adult dose of any remedy -- homeopathic, auyuvedic, chineese, etc -- and body workers work on me like they would with a baby. I've never been able to get very far on any kind of de-tox routine as the side effects were intolerable. I am extremely sensitive energetically, too.

I returned to conventional medicine recently (for all sorts of tests) because as of last July these 'bad spells' have taken over my life and I can hardly function. I was glad to get a clear diagnosis (as far as western medicine goes, that is) of what is wrong with my body. Thanks to this picture, I feel I can now proceed with some deep healing, as opposed to alleviating symptoms temporarily, which is what was probably happening up to now.

I am very motivated to address my condition, but only semi-confident about my doctor (mostly because I don't know him. He was recommended to me by another dr) I've never been able to get through any kind of detox -- the side effects proved too intolerable.
So I am now very concerned about the potential side efffects of some of these herbs -- the die off, etc. The doctor was very casual about it and I don't think he knows ways of supporting me as I go through it, beyond what he's already perscribed.

I also love the idea of 'astro-healing' and am a complete new comer to the concept. I'm especially attracted to learning more about the 'metabolism' of 'digesting love'. How do I find out where my moon is, and other keys that could heal my 'digestion'.... again thanks, meera
Posted on Monday, April 18, 2005 - 10:48 am:   

I suffered all kinds of ailments for years and tried everything. But when I discovered that MSG and aspartame were the main culprits, I recovered completely. I learned so much from sites and and I suffered for 20 years...stomach disorders, horrible headaches, pain, fatigue, body aches, vertigo, you name it.

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