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Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 - 1:57 pm:   

Hi, I am brand new to this site. A woman wrote me about her three year old daughter (named Milly) born February 12, 1999 in Kent England at 8:01pm. Her solar return with new Aquarius Moon and Uranus conjunction are emphasizing her progressed horoscope that is approaching a new moon/eclipse at 27+ Aquarius.

Please, this child needs some help.

Sincerely, Sherri
Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 - 3:35 pm:   

Most seizures are due to constipation. There are a few strategies that will probably relieve the symptoms of excess air:

1. Do not microwave anything. Also, do not feed the child anything that is difficult to digest, reheated, laced with preservatives, or old.

2. Make the food more digestible by adding a little dill water or fennel water to food and beverages. These can be made by bashing the seeds a little and soaking them in very hot water for at least 20 minutes. Longer is fine. The water can be strained and refrigerated. Add a spoonful of this to beverages and a bit more to softer foods such as porridge.

3. Make sure that Milly has regular eliminations. Triphala, made of fruit, can be given in honey.

4. Give her some aromatic oils to inhale (this neutralizes the toxins that irritate the nerves and lead to spasms). Most oils serve this purpose well but eucalyptus is one of my favorites. It can be used in a diffuser or a drop can be put on a hot wet face cloth and held under the nose. Most seizures will stop quickly once the volatile oils are inhaled.

5. One can also consider using homeopathic magnesium phosphate, works for most people, but ask a homeopath since there are many in the U.K.

6. Check for heavy metal toxicity. If she tests high in mercury, consider stopping inoculations and do not use any mercury amalgam fillings (the ones they call silver.) If high in aluminum, check cooking utensils and the water supply.

7. Use only extremely high quality oils for cooking: ones that are cold pressed, organic, and high in essential fatty acids.

Good luck!
Posted on Friday, April 12, 2002 - 5:49 pm:   

Thank you, I sent your messege on to my friend and hope some of this will be helpful.

Sincerely, Sherri
Chris G. Ekstedt
Posted on Wednesday, April 17, 2002 - 5:22 pm:   

Hello Sherri and Ingrid,
I have met a child (Joshua) today with a birth date of 2/12/2001 in Greensboro, NC @7:00 AM who has just gotten out of the hospital because of prolonged seizures during which he stopped breathing.
I noted in his chart that he has a t-square: Mars in Scorpio(9th)/opp/Saturn in Taurus (3rd)/Square a Stellium: Uranus/Sun/Mercury in Aquarius in the first house.
Could a lot of his problems be due to a 'natal' problem with uptake and use of Calcium and Thiamine causing deficiency? The doctors are having a hard time making a diagnosis.
Posted on Sunday, April 21, 2002 - 2:56 pm:   

Seizures are always due to "deranged air" -- in other words, the air element has to be both elevated and out of control. Ergo, the airy a person is, the higher the probability that given provocation, a derangement will occur.

As I stated in the earlier post, constipation is the most common cause of toxic wind. Some people simply have poor digestion and peristalsis, but even these people can overcome some of the tendency through proper diet and herbs. Others have less propensity for derangement but worse diets. I made some suggestions for mitigating the risks (in the above post.) You can search for another explanation, but before trying the really simple and obvious route, you might just be spinning your wheels.

Also, even if lots of tests have been done, it does not mean that the right tests were done. For instance, last night I watched a little bit of Oprah Winfrey (whom I have nominated for the next president of the United States) -- the program was about diet and Andrew Weil was a guest. A patient who had a heart attack while on camera and only in her 30s was discussing her "conscious diet." She took some low fat food and put it onto aluminum foil and into the microwave. She might as well have taken an inorganic toxin as to call food that is prepared in this way "food."

I have seen mothers rant and rave about colic and seizures and then say, "but I only use the microwave for the formula." Duh?

So, look at all the causative factors and you will probably see that even if someone has the signature for seizures, the seizures can be managed by proper understanding of what induces them. I have no doubt but that mercury toxicity (Thimersol in the vaccines given to infants and produced by Eli Lilly) is a major culprit and microwave ovens are next.

Then, some mothers who are afraid that their babies are dairy intolerant (look at our milk) substitute soy milk. This is horrible because even if it might be a decent food for some people, it is never suitable for infants. I have a lot of material on mercury and milk and other subjects on and a very long article on microwave ovens on

Good luck.
kay sainsbury
Posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2002 - 4:11 am:   

I am the mother of the three year old with seizures as posted above by Sherri. We have taken up medication because all attempts were not fruitful and her seizures were increasing. I am a strong opponent of aspartame and MSG and will not let my 12 year old ingest these things. I am aware some childhood foods have aspartame in them, and read on the websites last night that they can induce seizures. What I didn't realise is that soy is not suitable for babies. Milly had bad colic as a child. As a reflexologist I attempted to clear her problems, but she was becoming distressed. My previous child was lactose intolerant (as am I in great quantities)and she got great relief from soy baby preparations. I also gave it to Milly. It was only two or three months after stopping this (her father gave it to her longer than I, us being separated) that the seizures began. He also used to microwave the formula! So, the damage having been done, is there anything available about withdrawal of soy preparations affecting seizures. She never had any while on them. Thanking you for any information.
Posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2002 - 6:48 pm:   


I am not certain "damage has been done," because some studies suggest that the effects wear off. Definitely, substituting easy to digest food for more difficult to digest food changes the stress level; however, I have to say that I honestly do not know what the problem is except that seizures are due to excess air so you have to look at Mercury, Uranus, and the planets in air signs to determine what the cause is. Microwaved food would aggravate the tendency but not probably be the only explanation. Likewise, soy beverages are not all equal. Some are made with more ingredients than others; and here, at least, many are probably made with genetically modified components.

I wish you luck and ease!

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