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Posts to this forum have been archived here for your convenience. The board is closed to further posting due to netiquette issues.

This site is hosted by Ingrid Naiman, medical astrologer, and is part of a much larger web site called With nearly every thread, articles on the same subject can be found, in context, in the main part of the site. No password is needed to view discussions.
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This discussion enables interested persons to explore the astrological significators of alcoholism as well as the methods of redirecting energies towards a more ideal expression of the planetary energies suggestive of substance abuse.
29 3 8-01-05  10:01 am nicholas
Allergies are responses occurring below the level of consciousness that can be understood by examining the karmic and other unconscious forces that are unknown to the rational self.
7 2 8-15-05  8:47 pm Mookis
The rules of astrological fertility can be used to plan conception, avoid conception, and overcome stubborn sterility. Please read the article on "Storks and Stars" before posting.

126 13 1-12-06  12:10 pm astrid
This discussion is offered as an opportunity to explore the astrological indications of autism. You may want to visit Kitchen Doctor to read the article on cilantro and its use in chelating toxic metals from the body.
12 2 8-18-05  12:14 am Paula
Guests are invited to participate in the quest for insight into claustophobia.
18 1 8-10-05  1:02 am Steve
Constitutional Types
Constitutional types and temperament are one of the specialties of Ingrid Naiman, hostess of this site.
24 1 10-06-04  11:51 pm ISEE
Ear Infections
Ear infections can be very serious. This discussion offers an opportunity to study the causes and cures that are effective. You may also want to visit Mold Misery to read about fungal contaminants often found on pillows.
8 3 11-04-01  6:48 pm Darleen Yuna
Gall Bladder
Gall bladder problems are usually caused by fire-water imbalances, but this is the place to discuss the astrological significators.
2 1 9-06-00  2:18 am Ingrid
Saturn-Pluto Opposition
This topic has been opened up to facilitate discussion of a major transit that has wide range political as well as health ramifications.
31 1 4-19-05  9:38 pm Sumeet S. Haar
Storks and Stars
People interested in gender selection using the Jonas Method should read the article on "Storks and Stars" before posting. Then, they can read the posts on astrofertility. If the subject has not already covered, they are invited to initiate a new discussion.
13 3 1-22-06  9:43 pm Ingrid Naiman
Weight Loss and Weight Gain
Issues related to constitutional type and metabolism, astrological configurations affecting anabolism and catabolism, and transits affecting weight can be discussed here.
12 2 1-22-06  9:42 pm Ingrid Naiman
New Discussions 64 13 11-26-05  5:16 am vkrmm

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