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Weight gain...is it Jupiter...returnstar8-03-05  4:48 am
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Welcome to Weight Loss and Weight Gain.

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Posted on Sunday, July 01, 2001 - 11:54 pm:   

I appreciate your article on weight balance Ingrid, it makes a lot of sense to me.

My fire/water imbalance is very clear I think, together with adrenal problems underlying. (fire Moon Jupiter Mars conjunction all in Leo ; Sun conjunct Saturn and Venus all in cancer square to Neptune in Libra; Mercury in Air - Gemini, rules Asc and MC and is also conjunct Saturn and square to Neptune. (June 25, 1944 Oxford England)

It is so refreshing to read your report of the person losing weight merely by wielding pen - not even tennis racquet! I recently wrote an article on astrology, in between working fulltime, slept and ate writing everynight to meet deadline had literally no time to think of eating....

Another time I have exercised diligently at the "Y" for 3 months 4 times a week with no obvious results; also recently was on a ridiculous diet(from new chiro.) of fruit all morning, then brown rice, veggies and low protein (no meat) for last 2 meals--- when all the while mentally fighting it as I am almost totally sure I need a LOT of protein and very few carbos but just cannot cut out the sugar (cravings)in order to make this work.

My Q. really is
- Would not the Dragon Eggs be considered a "Quick Fix" ?
- it is my understanding that this is not what the adrenals need, that 'AE'is a really delicate condition to treat (but I cannot stop working to provide the rest needed).
I have your tapes on the Elements and on Adrenal Exhaustion - 3 years since I listened to it forgive me if I should know the answer) - have been on natural thyroid hormone for past 2 1/2 yrs which works less efficiently now -- it seems now impossible to take enough Nat. Thyroid to get my TSH down low enough because my eyes become problematic, itching, swelling, etc. which I actually think is a side effect of being pushed into overactive hyperthyroidism since the xtra hormone reduces my intake of estrogen (Tri-Est and Progesterone)

Sorry if I sound like a bouncing ball full of chemicals, not my plan, I have seen more doctors in the last 3 years than in the whole of my life!! My plan usually was to stay away from orthodox medicine but seems unavoidable lately...

this board is a great idea!
Posted on Monday, July 02, 2001 - 1:59 am:   

Recovery is not exactly a fix, but it seems to nourish the adrenals faster than any other product that is completely vegetarian. The results are good but not necessarily permanent. They are fabulous little pills.

The person who lost so much weight so quickly and easily has Mars in Pisces and when expressing the passion as a protector for those less fortunate, she experienced more personal harmony.

I have yet to see anyone on thyroid supplements who succeeded in correcting adrenal exhaustion. This is a case of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul without generating any real gain in the total amount of stamina available. In short, it's a redistribution that is ultimately more stressful to the adrenals which is why it doesn't work.
Posted on Saturday, July 07, 2001 - 12:27 pm:   

thanks for your speedy and informative reply Ingrid which I do appreciate most warmly.

Yes I do understand that "passion as a protector for those less fortunate" - I had it myself at the age of 30 when working in a large psychiatric hospital. I was the thinnest I have been in my entire life, I lost weight at that time - ferociously - my Neptune in 1st was warrior I guess and my mars also has a piscean influence it is almost into the 12th, with jupiter and moon already there, but I only had about 20 - 30 lbs two lose then. I need to lose 50- 80 now. That was nearly 30 years ago! that info is useful as my second saturn return approaches....

I feel overwhelmed at the prospect of getting off thyroid and coping with adrenals, which is what I know I have to do in the long run. I don't even want to try the Dragon Eggs in case they don't work. I am fed up with things not working. I have tried for so long and when one is so tired it is hard.

Transits coming up look useful however. When Mars goes direct on July 20 I am looking forward to a new 2 yr cycle of diet and renewal, a new influx of energy and to gaining control and discipline in my eating habits. I notice this happens with the new moon, placed in my 11th house --as the moon enters Leo and aproaches opposition to Neptune and Uranus it stimulates interaction with the venus pluto mars opposition which feeds nicely into trines and sextiles to neptune and uranus - pointing the way to my 6th (health)house, so health resurrected certainly could be a factor. with the pluto mars at my 4th cusp. Someone's death or regeneration is being pointed at here. My mother has just been diagnosed with diabetes and I as sure as... am not going the same way!! See my mars is firing up already!

and I will be off to order the Recovery Dragon Eggs -- I certainly need all the help I can get.

Also the Black Bean soup looks like a good idea, is it the idea that you only eat that and nothing else at all?? I would find that daunting please don't say so... Would it still work when combined with other foods on a semi normal healthy diet (albeit no doubt more slowly?)
Posted on Sunday, July 08, 2001 - 5:55 pm:   

Hello Ingrid, I have a request, some comment and a couple of questions. Please could you give the URL or whatever to that explanation of obesity/weight and Astrological signatures/planets invoved, my previous e-mails to you refer ... I am sorry, but I seems to have lost it in the ether of my computer (not such a star here!)

The question I have is that I am anaemic and as a result, my GP has advised that I do not go on any stringent 'diet' other than one that is rich in iron. More easily said than done. It seems that I have to eat enormous amounts of everything to make up for the lack and loss of iron. I have been on a course of iron injections, but I believe they take a long time to be absorbed by the body anyway and have been told that other pill-type supplements are not really helpful. Can you tell me if there are substances/foods/actions that I could be/am doing (etc) that leaches whatever iron I have? Black tea? Carbonated drinks? Antacid preparations?

I have Uranus transiting my 6th house (Aquarius) about to go into the 7th (Pisces). I was stunned to read a report by Robert Hand (in his book on Transits) that this can indicate Anaemia in the native. As a beginner Astrology student, I am amazed that one of the outer planets could indicate something as specific as this.

Thanks you for a wonderful site and for any comments you might make. If this is not the correct way to ask, please let me know.
Posted on Monday, July 09, 2001 - 12:12 pm:   

The URL for the article is:


I think you could consider Tang Kwei Gin for anemia. It builds blood much more safely (and faster) than iron supplements (which are often toxic.) It is a fairly significant immune booster as well. We sell it in our online store, but you can find it in Chinatown or virtually any store handling Chinese herbs. Yellow dock is also helpful (we have it) because it helps the body to absorb iron.

I would always look at the cause of anemia -- that is, over and beyond the Uranus transit, there is the question of poor assimilation of iron or something else that is compromising the function of red blood cells. I have some information on this subject on another of my sites:


This page also has the links for the products I just described. A darkfield test would probably show why you are anemic.

Sugar is the main interference with red blood. The best way to prove this to yourself is to take an ordinary iron nail, not a galvanized steel one but one that would rust if exposed to moisture, and place this in a can of soda pop. Leave it on the counter for ten days and then go back and look for your nail. If you realize sugar could do the same to hemoglobin, you have all the information you need to motivate dietary changes.

A hundred years ago, our ancestors ate 8-12 pounds of sugar a year. Per capita consumption is now that much per month. No body can adapt to such a change in diet so quickly. Evolution is a slow process. Sugar lobbies and junk food promoters will not make for an easy transition to normalcy, but individuals can find their way out of the industrial food game into wholesomeness.
Posted on Monday, July 09, 2001 - 1:37 pm:   

Thank you Ingrid, with immediate effect I will stop having sugar in my tea etc. Am not much of a 'sugar' consumer otherwise (chocolates, biscuits, cakes etc) but don't doubt that it is sneaked in everywhere and I will watch out for it now. Further, I will visit your on-line store and will take a darkfield test to see what else I can learn. I sincerely appreciate your assistance. Celeste.
Posted on Tuesday, July 10, 2001 - 10:06 am:   

Ingrid! I have just read the second site and I am running, running to the doctor! I have to find a new one. Its quite obvious that I have an angel on my side right now or I wouldn't have found you or your site or been able to speak to you. Why don't normal medical people tell you about this, I have been struggling with all sorts of things for so long, paying out all sorts of money for treatments that mean nothing, don't fix anything ... 'just have an hysterectomy dear,' it'll sort out your anaemia. NOBODY SPEAKS TO ANYBODY ANYMORE. Where is the integrity we all believe exists somewhere? God help us. He has and He does.
Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2005 - 11:08 pm:   

Recently I had Pluto opposing nMars, nPluto is in my 6th house with an exact inconjunct to nJupiter which is being transited by Uranus, U is also in my n6th house. In the past six months I experienced extreme anxiety to the point where I didn't come down (paralyzed by it) for at least 1 1/2 months and then a brief bout again for 1 1/2 weeks. I dropped 30+ lbs, experienced severe insomnia for the first time and had strange burning sensations in my body and weird thoughts. I was unable to work because of this. I felt like I was losing my mind! I was not myself!!! I feel on the outskirts of this incredibly frightening experience, though fortunately I'm taking better care of my body with diet and exercise now.

My problem now is with digestion, I don't seem to be gaining weight or getting nutrients due to chronic diarrhea. Do these transits make sense with what I am describing?

other ones now are tNeptune opposed nMoon (5th) and progressed moon just passed over Pluto.

Is there somehing I can do to help with absorption? I recognize my body is out of balance!! I'm taking acidophilus/bifidus...
Mark Dudley
Posted on Tuesday, April 19, 2005 - 5:15 pm:   

I am new to astrology, I have gained 35 pounds in the last year, I have been under significant stress. I have also done numerous liver flushes , which only seem to increase my carb cravings. My desire to exercise is not there. What is the fastest way to get my adrenals going. My b-day is 08-08-1969.
Gabriella Mittelman
Posted on Saturday, May 07, 2005 - 6:35 am:   

I am new to astrology... and I have a question. My Son 18 years old is 55 kg. and is 190cm high.
He eats a lot, but cannot gain weight.We did all the check-ups and all is OK. He was born on 30.8.1986 at 13.30 E 34.46 N 32.04.
I would be very happy if someone could find an answer to this problem. thanks a lot - a worrying mother.
Ingrid Naiman
Username: Admin

Registered: 04-2004
Posted on Sunday, January 22, 2006 - 9:42 pm:   

Due to inappropriate posting, this thread has been closed. Very sorry.

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