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Dee Dee
Posted on Saturday, April 06, 2002 - 3:50 pm:   

I'm interested in previewing posted messages about the Saturn/Pluto opposition
Posted on Saturday, April 06, 2002 - 5:29 pm:   

You might be the first to post here. Since this site is devoted to psychological, spiritual, and medical astrology, there has not been much discussion of this transit though I wrote something about it on:

This is another of my sites. My concern is that Pres. Bush is acting out his Pluto on the ASC in a really extreme but nonetheless classic manner.
Posted on Wednesday, May 08, 2002 - 7:14 am:   

hi, i am an astrologer of 15 years. i have had quite a few charts recently of early 1950s births whose natal saturn-neptune is being activated by the cosmic saturn-pluto transit causing considerable stress and tension to these people and possibly pulling the knot of natal saturn-neptune to the surface - i'm not terribly comfortable with what i feel that these people might have to deal with but know that it could be life transforming if they can make it through the night-mare. Are they i wonder going to be the people to spear head the recovery of this major cosmic opposition which i see as a war between the cosmic mother and father reflected in the terrible imbalances in the world of the moment.
Posted on Friday, May 17, 2002 - 3:18 pm:   


Sorry to be so slow posting but I was cogitating. It's hard to be clear when so much is going on. The generation to which you refer is one that I have written about over the years. Not only do most, as you obviously know, have Saturn conjunct Neptune, but that uncomfortable configuration is square Uranus and sometimes also Mars and more personal planets.

What is even more interesting is that the parents of many of these people were born with Saturn opposite Pluto square Uranus. . . and many of their parents had a "T" square with Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

All this is, of course, in Cardinal signs, the signs that deal with relationships:

Aries - me
Libra - we

Cancer - family
Capricorn - the public

So, this is the cross on which relationships are brought into balance and we might look at the generations who have struggled most to express social and family values, ranging from the conservatism of Saturn to the rebellion of Uranus. These people have probably suffered more and contributed more to the overhaul of society, exposing flawed customs, incest and abuse, and the need for equality between individuals who are in relationship with each other.

What you suggest as the present struggle may be related, but the tension is in mutable signs that make harmonious aspects to the Libra placements referred to in your post.

This said, what I feel is the issue is the authority of conventional values and abuse of power as expressed through Pluto. This is the classic pattern for the tumbling of skeletons out of closets, everything from matters such as we are seeing now, "What was really known prior to 9/11?" or "What was Enron up to before the seams split?" or "How much manipulation of information is going on and why?"

In the U.S., we are given to believe that we have freedom of speech and of the press, but we are not certain we are hearing the truth. I personally do not see how we can sustain the highest traditions of our country in the absence of truth. For instance, if years after the Kennedy assassination(s), the public is still denied access to the facts, it has to be asked how secrecy and/or cover ups serve the people and the government which is supposed to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

I am using this example because the recent Uranus transit over the Saturn of the JFK assassination unleashed a host of new inquiries, some made possible by the Freedom of Information Act, and some simply prompted by the inability of certain people to have peace of heart when their questions are unanswered. The Saturn/Pluto opposition is squaring the Pluto of the assassination time period, and I believe this must be a very sensitive area of the U.S. horoscope because we seem to have more unrest when this area is active.

Somewhere between the need for security and the need for trust, a middle ground needs to be found. None of us are secure if the power of government is not in trustworthy hands, but the fact is most of us haven't got a clue who is "in charge." I see this time as hugely difficult for our country because I believe the opposition lies right on the horizontal axis of the U.S. horoscope and the Uranus transit is stirring up lunar issues, old memories and perhaps some old bones, too.

On, I have spoken out politically, urging the formation of a new political party and "dream ticket" with Oprah Winfrey as candidate for president. I believe we can only recover from the abuse of power that is endemic in industry, government, medicine, and even the church through fresh energies, energies that are not entangled with the inside politics but that rather represent the courage to put our house in order.

This, however, goes beyond the issues you raised. My concern is that we are preparing for conscious participation in a Galactic Realm and yet officially the existence of life in other parts of the Universe is denied. Who is served by this belief? Obviously, Hollywood believes quite differently than Washington so one might even be tempted to place Saturn and Pluto across the country from East to West or West to East as the case may be. I am certain the average person believes that we have had visitors to this Planet from other parts of the Universe, but this must be very threatening to those whose agendas are based on control of the status quo and fear that superior intelligence and technologies might displace those in power and cancel their agendas.

I feel it is a time to renounce self-serving agendas and see that we must fit together into a totality that includes all the people on this Planet, all the lifeforms in all Kingdoms of Nature, all the water, all the air, all the disenfranchised as well as the excessively privileged. Ultimately, Aquarius is egalitarian, scientific, humanitarian, and truthful so fight as some will, the truth will come out and I suspect it will not be a happy day for those who have something to hide.
Posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2002 - 10:58 pm:   

It would be interesting to hear your opinion on Saturn Pluto opposition health ramifications in MS patients.
Posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2002 - 11:48 pm:   

I don't know the answer to this except that this opposition is occurring in information signs. Saturn, I believe, would like to stall knowledge at its level whereas Pluto is overturning many beliefs on all levels. Among the many scandals are those affecting the devious practices of the pharmaceutical industry, not just problems in the church and in foreign policy, the other major Pluto in Sagittarius issues.

I think this issue is enormous, enough for an entire book, not just a response to a post on this board.

It's always important to attribute events to the right signature or configuration so I would say that disappointments with drugs may be more related to Neptune in Aquarius, but falsied research and abuse of power and influence to foist products on an unsuspecting public is probably more related to Pluto.

What does this have to do with MS? I believe France was the first country to announce that it was suspending certain inoculation programs based on findings that excess vaccination may be contributing to multiple sclerosis. Other countries have been slow to follow suit, but it is understood that one of the effects of immunization is demyelinization of nerve sheaths, probably the most vexing aspect of MS. More recently, additional information suggests that preservation of vaccines with Thimersol, a mercury-based additive, may be an additional contributing cause of a number of neurological diseases, these ranging from autism and attention deficit disorder to MS and Alzheimer's. The jury is not in, but California has put a ceiling on the number of shots a child is obliged to have while still young.

Additionally, there is increasing familiarity with a word that is not yet in everyone's vocabulary: iatrogenicide. Deaths attributable to physician error, complications of medications, correctly prescribed but dangerous use of drugs, etc., etc. may exceed deaths from a host of more "natural" causes. In the U.S. such iatrogenic deaths exceed 100,000 per year and many believe that even this number is low because the figure is based mainly on hospital deaths due to medications, not sudden infant death syndrome and other sometimes unexplained deaths.

With the threat of immunization for anthrax and smallpox, we would be consciously opening ourselves up for a calculated risk that thousands would die of side effects of preventative measures deemed necessary in the interest of public health. Unless you are following the debate, it's impossible to connect the dots and see that abuse of power is the cause of terror as well as the measures to contend with the threats we have been told to expect.

I think this is definitely part of the Saturn-Pluto opposition. Bureaucrats, Saturn, are saying (Gemini) that they are powerless to deal with the epidemics that could ensue so Pluto (powerful influences) create the incidents and invent the scenarios and counteractive measures by which they would profit. This threat is occurring because research continued despite international treaties, and who profits? This is the question and we are all entitled to ask this question and to take the measures we feel will best protect us in a world gone mad with abuse of power.
Renee Regis
Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 - 9:09 pm:   

Hi! Jeanette. I was really struck by your May 8 post. I'm one of those 1950 vintage people and I was telling Ingrid that I feel as though I am being pumelled by life's circumstances and it hasn't stopped. The last two years have beenvery difficult and I've been in some physical danger at times in the past 3 months.
I feel that I am doing my Karma, balancing some tension that seems unbearable at times. It must have to do with what you and Ingrid are describing as this Saturn / Pluto Opposition thing.
After living in a very protected community for 27 years I am living alone in the country in a very remote part of the Addirondak North Country in NY. Some part of me beat a retreat to this harsh but beautiful area where most of the indigenous plants have thorns and farming and the ice storm of 98 have left the sky is as big as the South West. This astrological frame of reference is very mysterious to me but it also seems as basic as noticing that a willow grows well were the soil is moist and therefore not attempting to plant the willow in a dry place. The problem is that I know more about Willows than I do about self. Thanks for the validation that there is something challenging effecting my own movement through life. Renee
Renee Regis
Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 - 9:47 pm:   

Hi Ingrid. I have just been thinking about my Medicine name. There is something about the name Many Waters that kind of grabs me. It's been in my mind for a long time. It's not from my chart. Although when you describe constitutional types I believe that for me the water is much stronger than the fire. There seems to be very little fire in my chart; just Pluto in Leo in the 7th house ha ha.
If somebody asked me to personify pluto I don't think I could. What would it look like to walk like Pluto? I think I could walk like Saturn. I bet Mosses walked like Saturn. What I'm getting at here is how do I embrace these different aspects of self? Really feel something about their true nature. Which ones are comfortable and which ones would I push away. I don't think I would like walking like Mercury or Uranus. Uranus would start off in one direction and like the wind go off in another direction and another. Come to think of it I'm sort of like that. I could shine like the sun and I could receive and reflect like the moon. Some resonate and others are total strangers. Whichever planet moves slowly would appeal to me. I could take the time to feel it. I guess I won't know my Medicine Name until I have a visceral deep body instinctive sense with these forces that shape who I am. Renee
Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 - 10:00 pm:   

Winding Waters . . .

Each planet has a character, a strong nature that is unmistakable. If you do not recognize a planet, it acts as a malefic. When you can utilize the energy of each, all is well.

Pluto had a magic helmet that made him invisible so you wouldn't see him or recognize his walk or his talk, but you can feel him . . .
Renee Regis
Posted on Thursday, June 13, 2002 - 8:31 pm:   

I will have to travel to the upper world and see if I can feel Pluto there. The last time I was there a male figure made out of water walked right through me. There are Gods and Godesses there but they are faded.
I was really lucky to have a mother that read Greek Mythology to me when I was a child. I think it made me strong and more complicated in good ways because of the architypes that lived in my imgination as a result of these stories. I'm thinking about looking at the library for children's books on the subject in order to refresh my memories and learn about the other mythologies.
Posted on Friday, June 14, 2002 - 11:06 am:   

This sounds like a way to reawaken the archives of memory.

At the risk of detonating a bomb, I think Pluto is the 7th is difficult because your partner would try to orchestrate you into his plans.

Ironically, the Saturn-Pluto opposition is in the 1st-7th houses of the U.S. horoscope, but astrologers don't agree on what is rising. I use the Gemini rising chart but others use Scorpio or Sagittarius. So, depending on what you believe, Pluto is transiting our 1st or 7th. Either way, it would seem that one abuse of power after another is being exposed.
Renee Regis
Posted on Saturday, June 22, 2002 - 8:49 pm:   

Hi Ingrid, and posters, I've been super busy at work so I haven't been geeting here. I miss the depth.
Well you are not setting off bombs that I am not aware of. That's why I said ha!ha! What I meant by that is the irony of seeing that one has a difficult placement. I thought Pluto in the 7th meant that I would want to have power over anyone that I was partnered with.
I tend to attract people who have self strongly at center. I listen a lot and it is not always reciprocal. At the end of the last relationship I remember yelling, "it's always about you". The fellow came to an abrupt silence.
Why does the Saturn/Pluto opposition expose the abuse of power? When does this transit end? And, what do I/we need to pay attention to in order to align self correctly in order to assist the desired outcome of this transit?
Posted on Saturday, June 22, 2002 - 8:58 pm:   

Ingrid, I just went back and read your post to Jeanette on May 17. Do you think that the authority of conventional values dies and is transformed as it goes through Pluto? Renee
Posted on Friday, August 23, 2002 - 8:56 pm:   

Hello posters, I just dropped in after a long absence. I'm still wondering when the Saturn/Pluto opposition ends? Anybody know? It's kinda' tense out here. Renee
Posted on Friday, August 23, 2002 - 9:35 pm:   


Technically speaking, the opposition has ended. I think the main recent tension has been the Sun/Mars conjunction transiting opposite Uranus. This is ebbing already.
Posted on Tuesday, September 03, 2002 - 5:24 pm:   

Enlightened by your site which I came upon "mysteriously". I have natal Saturn in Sag and Pluto close on ..I believe my Saturn 22 degrees of Sag. I'm in my 70's. Last week told by cardiologist must have angioplasty. I donot expect death,however reading some posts, I expect something powerful with Pluto almost conjunt.Please help me understand what someone in my position might expect...I thank you for a most informing web site. Light and love...
Posted on Thursday, September 05, 2002 - 6:49 pm:   

Oh, gosh, Nana!

This isn't how I work. I wouldn't have a clue what to expect since everyone your age as well as those one and two Saturn cycles younger would also be having the same transit but bringing different life issues to the table.

This said, it would appear that you are at the half cycle of Saturn rather than the Pluto conjunction so you might look at this in reference to what happened at the previous half cycles and take your clues from these.

I wish you the best.
Posted on Saturday, September 07, 2002 - 7:10 pm:   

Today I went to town about 12 miles west of here. The sky was thick with smoke. I ask a womam if she knew why. She said that it has been on and off for 2 months because the soldiers at Fort Drum keep practicing on the artilery fields. There are so many fires inside the humans and on the land. Is it a Mars thing?
Posted on Saturday, September 07, 2002 - 8:34 pm:   

Thank you Ingrid for your reply. I think you know I'm a novice in your discipline AND I'm intrigued. A friend who knew astrology many years ago cautioned I had Saturn in health house. Good to know, yet hadn't...or even now...have a clue as what to do about that.I got to your site by "another's hand" and feel there is a purpose to my connecting. Any direction you might give me re reading on your site will be appreciated. Born Jan 13, 1929 New York City...4:45 Pm Thank you again Nana
Posted on Saturday, September 07, 2002 - 11:34 pm:   


If you plan to go ahead with this operation, you must be certain that every precaution is taken against impaired judgment or malfunctioning of equipment since you would be going into the operation with Uranus retrograding over your Moon.

From your side, you need to see that the main issue is dealing with the balance between scientific assessment and mystical knowing. You have a habit of not trusting yourself and this causes dryness and spasm where there is a need for less contraction and more relaxation.

I am assuming there is a blockage and that the goal is to remove this, but the question is whether it can be resolved in another way. Perhaps you care to do some surfing?

I recently had dental surgery under a curious Uranus aspect. The procedure went all right, Venus rising at the time of the appointment and many other positive factors, but he worked on the wrong tooth so I ended up having two teeth done. He wasn't absent-minded, but he had determined, on his own, that a bad amalgam was more important than a tooth I had just broken. For me, the broken tooth was more important because it was sensitive.

So, Uranus need not be a disaster, but there was definitely a glitch in communication and a moment of chaos.

As Ptolemy said 2000 years ago, a surgeon must make use of malefics the way a physician uses poison. The meaning is clear: if there were no Mars or Uranus or Pluto, you wouldn't be in a situation requiring some kind of relief.

The danger most people face when trying alternatives is that they are not adequately monitored so when they take matters into their own hands, no one is watching to see if the object blocking a blood vessel moves to an even more dangerous position. This said, dissolving these objects is not all that difficult, but making sure it is done safely is another matter. Your task is to work through your resistance in such a way that you are psychically and psychologically open to what is in your highest good. This should relieve a lot of tension and make it easier to find the relief that is suitable to you.

Many blessings,
Posted on Saturday, September 07, 2002 - 11:44 pm:   


I am certain that many people have, as you suggest, "fires inside." This would make a great article. I'm a fire type myself and have spent a lifetime working on fire issues. In its highest form, fire is the energy needed to create the future, the energy needed to right an injustice, and the energy needed to make change. There is an interesting term in Chinese philosophy, one I love: arousing. Fire is not really the energy of arousal in the way most people think, it is the energy of action. It begins to move and to set things in motion. This is automatic and instinctual because it is natural to rise to one's own defense even if only to protect self esteem. It is also absolutely natural to intervene when someone is abusive towards an innocent child or animal. I believe it is also natural to feel this same movement when there is any other situation requiring action, when there is anything to redress, when there is anything to challenge in order to set in motion what is right and just. However, the vast majority of us gave up defending ourselves a long time ago when we realized that others are bigger or more powerful.

The military, in my not very restrained opinion, is an awful institution. In a country like Switzerland or Sweden, people may learn to defend their countries, but in the U.S., new recruits take phenomenal abuse from those a rank or two above and resentment must be buried in order for the system of training to turn human beings into animated machines that will follow orders. The rage inside must be tremendous and shooting a bunch of deafening rounds at targets will not satisfy most people. Add to this that the military is the victim of the most awful vaccination program in the world and that it eats the most savage diet in the world and you have "fire inside" that is a liability to everyone.

I have said my piece! and it's fine with me if you want to spell that PEACE!
Posted on Saturday, September 14, 2002 - 12:52 am:   


What is different about the military in Switzerland?

I read somewhere that the abuse that new recruits are given is one way to take away the true human response so that they can kill people. I think it is how the British Empire spread all over the world, and we are it's legacy.

British schools are famous for their mistreatment of young men. In days gone by I suppose it would have been the upper class that would have gone to those schools. They would have been learning the control and management of other people. The treatment experienced in theses schools would destroy the humaness of the young men who inturn would destroy the true humaness in the troops, who would destroy the lives of those they were set on dominating. I believe that a change is coming but I wonder how these ingrained patterns ever let go.

What would it be like to be a soldier or young man who has been through hazing at school followed by military training. How would you ever reach the true human hidding in the depths of so much cruelty and despair? Our continued survival is a tribute to the natural survival instinct that abides within us and all life on this planet.

May our current dissonance resolve itself into a harmonius global resonance.
Posted on Saturday, September 14, 2002 - 4:22 pm:   

I think what I meant in reference to Switzerland and Sweden is that these countries have been neutral and non-aggressive for a long time, but they have armies that are prepared to defend their countries. Moreover, their armies are trained to perform their duties in the terrain unique to the countries. Switzerland is mountainous and Sweden is flatter; both are snowy and both have ski troops, but they are self-defense forces, not troops that are sent into other sovereign countries to topple regimes at the whim of some power brokers with hidden agendas and transparent propaganda.

My next point is that you have to do something to get someone to abandon common sense. The way I explain this to my students is that to understand Mars the Warrior, you have to understand either idealism or leadership -- because to stand up in front of a barrage of bullets is really stupid -- and this is how many battles were fought in older times. Granted, it's not quite as stupid to drop bombs from the sky from high tech airplanes, but to be willing to risk injury and death, one basically has to be even more terrified of the risk of punishment or very moved to put the goal of the war above one's personal safety.

I will argue that there is not a single place in the subconscious of anyone that thinks that dying for one's beliefs is a brilliant idea. The notion that there is any glory in this or any heroism or valor occurs outside of the physicality and emotionality of the subconscious. The superconscious may believe that it is better to be right than to survive in a world that is without integrity, but while this may be true for some individuals, it may not be for others. The superconscious of many may argue that it is better to survive and wait for change than to risk everything in the heat of the moment. You can understand this easily if you look at how crimes of passion are treated by the law.

We are educated to accept that their are causes so noble and so just that we should be willing to die for them. This is essentially the arguments that politicians try to make for war, war in which their own hides are seldom at risk. If in doubt, look at how fast the White House was evacuated on 9/11 or how fast Congress was closed when there was a scare of anthrax. Pluto takes no risks but does not hesitate to put others at risk. However, to get someone else to take a risk and fight someone else's war, one must either get that individual to abandon common sense or swallow some propaganda. If the training of a soldier puts him out of touch with the feminine, by this I mean what people sometimes call the inner child or the form and what I call lunar consciousness or the subconscious, it will be possible to get him to do things he would not do if he had access to his emotions, which, by the way, include a concept of karma and repercussions for one's actions. Leadership generally involves the opposite strategy: inculcating ideals by appealing to isms that help one take sides when their are schisms. This is masculine behavior and the feminine basically has no use for it. We are all both masculine and feminine, but the difference in the metaphysical context I am looking at is that the masculine is hierarchical. At the top, there is God or a mortal leader/hero and then there is a chain of command which tends to get wider as one goes down, a pyramidal structure in which sacrifice at the level of the peons is not only well tolerated by those at the top but even included as policy since it is a very primitive form of population control and reduction.

The feminine is circular and inclusive so a mother can love even her most wayward children and understand their pain and suffering, and if she is a real mother, she will try to protect them not urge them to take risks.

This said, your original question was about fire and fire can be good and noble and even necessary, but I will not argue that necessary includes violence. Real fire is inspirational so a good leader has no need for violence, no need to spread fear, and no need for force. All a real leader has to do is paint a picture of a better world and show the way to create it. This is how Divine Light can inspire and guide and it never requires weapons or force.

So, when someone says the politically unpopular truth that fear and force are actually the tools of cowards, we must look at the extent to which this is true and if we dissected the psyches of Plutonian individuals, we would no doubt find that their karma is so bad that their are driven by paranoia and the desire for such absolute power that they could stop Cosmic Law from working out in the Universe.

We also have to ask why people with power do not want to acknowledge the existence of power than transcends present military technologies and Earth capacities? Why are the leaders more afraid than the public at large? It is because they stand to lose when others gain.
Posted on Sunday, September 15, 2002 - 8:06 pm:   

I want to ask you about something I think I read in one of your articles. It may not belong here. If not please direct me to the appropriate place.

I think it was in one of your articles about the moon you said something about humans being like a storehouse of memories and that it is very difficult or perhaps not possible to have a new experience I think because we continue to create our reality based on old memory artifacts; particularly a certain type of memory that has some sort of emotionally backed judgement with it. Can you say more about this?
Posted on Monday, September 16, 2002 - 1:46 am:   


That's an enormous question, one requiring a book to answer, but it is covered much better on my audio cassettes.

The context in which something is said is the clue for understanding what is really meant. In this case, I was referring to the Moon not being able to magnetize new experiences. Using other parts of our psyches, we can, of course, create new experiences, and, as we succeed in doing so, we overwrite the Moon memory and save the new experiences in a way that makes it possible to magnetize based on the current status of the subconscious.
Posted on Tuesday, September 17, 2002 - 7:20 pm:   


What a simply stated and elegant answer to a complex question. In your audio cassettes do you address the issue of replacing the old frozen memories with new better chosen ones? The choice being how we chose to view what happens to us I suppose?
Posted on Tuesday, September 17, 2002 - 9:56 pm:   


You ask lots of very good questions, and thanks for the compliment on my response. It doesn't hurt to receive a pat on the back now and then, even if only a cyber pat.

The answer to your question about the tapes is "yes" and the best one is probably "Fate: Destiny or Karma?"

In my work with clients, I like to try to find the origin of the pattern. Let's say someone died in the Inquisition, a very real issue for a lot of people so there are fears of various types that may be addressed to gender (since mostly women were burned at the stake), homosexuality (because they were also targeted by the zealous monks who were tormented by repression of their own sexuality), the church (for its completely unChristian persecution and murders), fire (because its the last memory), vultures (because they often descend when life is leaving the form), herbal medicine (because possession of garlic became a criminal offense or at least grounds for major suffering), or perhaps an individual (the one who betrayed the victim to the Inquisitors or the hypocrits who pronounced judgment and who sentenced other human beings to untold suffering and death.

Those memories are there, but the particular phobia will differ from person to person. Then, once we examine the content of the memory and the judgment made of the experience, we can begin rewriting the scripts. We cannot deny that the Inquisition ever existed or that it caused suffering, merely that possession of garlic is unlikely to precipitate the same experiences as it did a few centuries back. This said, the Inquisition is alive and well, fully embodied in many reprehensible individuals and organizations, so it is not safe to to ignore its might or misuse of power. It is, however, safe to assume that the stakes are not as high as before and the subconscious is capable of receiving this message and thereby lowering the bar a bit where hypervigilence is an issue.

Without information, one resorts to generalities which may or may not persuade the subconscious to accept a different view. More importantly, there is content in the subconscious that is relevant to the conscious self, a self that is usually oblivious to the subconscious. These two parts often regard the other as dangerous or ignorant. For instance, isn't it crazy not to know to what one is allergic? or who our ancient enemies are? The subconscious knows this, more or less the way an animal instinctively knows what is safe for it to eat or who is friendly and who is not.
Posted on Thursday, September 19, 2002 - 10:51 pm:   

This whole thing about memories is very interesting. I've often felt like there is more to what's going on in our lives than what meets the eye. I'm also intrigued and a bit frustrated that no matter where I go or what I do the same patterns keep happening. I've been reading Sacred Contracts by Carolyn Myss and I'm thinking about certain parts of my subconscious that are speaking to me through these repeated patterns or archetypes. I will check out the tape you mentioned and I'll let you know when I am listening to it.
Posted on Saturday, September 21, 2002 - 1:57 am:   

Renee (and others),

There are limitations to what can happen on a web site. You figure that the average web page is just a few kb and the typical post to this discussion board is only a couple of paragraphs. When you compare this to even a single astrological consultation or channeled reading or a series of psychotherapeutic sessions, you realize that it is way too much to expect deep insights much less resolve via what can be achieved online.

For people who are serious about working through their patterns, it might be good to do some sessions, like three or six, surrounding just those issues that are most distressing. This would involve identifying the patterns, searching for the origins of the patterns, coming to grips with the history and the fact that the patterns exist, and then working in a hugely creative way to develop some realistic alternative ways of using the same energies.

Obviously, even with this much commitment, you are talking weeks against countless incarnations so one doesn't expect to fly after the first "ah ha" experience. One merely expects to walk around with one's perceptual mechanisms more alive and alert so that when the signals flash, there is a decisive moment in which the new skills are put into play to see if they augur for a happier outcome.

Then, it's practice makes perfect. The astrologer doesn't have magic wands, just a some tools that make it easier to define the issues so that one can leap through what would normally take years of therapy just to bring issues out into the open and into focus.
Posted on Tuesday, April 19, 2005 - 9:37 pm:   

The problem that Pluto has is the tug of war between Neptune and itself, right? This tug of war has been going on for quite some time and may never stop until Neptune has pulled Pluto into it's gravitational pull, once and for all. That's all I have to say for Pluto's "problem".
Sumeet S. Haar
Posted on Tuesday, April 19, 2005 - 9:38 pm:   

Please answer if I have answered correctly or not!

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