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      Astrology of Healing Textbooks by Ingrid Naiman  

Ingrid Naiman

My system of medical astrology is clear, coherent, and comprehensive. Not only are the astrological tools easily understandable, but interpretations span the gamut of physical, emotional, and spiritual levels of personal expression. The system is energetic, dynamic, and logical—so that it is easily learned by virtually everyone, from children to mature adults, even those who have done years of psychotherapy.










These are the textbooks in the Astrology of Healing series. There are two books that are not technically part of the basic system, but which reflect my thinking on the psychological and physical aspects of healing.

Stress: The Cause of Disease

Stress: The Cause of Disease
Volume I


Stress and its causes are analyzed in relation to adaptability. An in-depth analysis of how stress is shown in the horoscope as well as the key significators (Sun, Moon, and Ascendant), transits, and the retrograde planets and reincarnation are all covered along with my original theory of the first wound as well as my views on how medical astrology can be used to guide people who are seeking to shift the patterns that result in discord and disease.

  8½ x 11,  185 pages

Out of Print

The Elements: Constitutional Type and Temperament
The Elements:
Constitutional Type and Temperament

Volume II


The elements are an integral part of The Astrology of Healing. Using a classical model, Ingrid Naiman describes the elements as the materials out of which the form world is constructed. The strength of the elements—air, fire, water, and earth—determines constitutional type and temperament. Imbalances of the elements give rise to symptoms, the early warning signs that more serious illnesses may occur if not corrected. Dietary, herbal, and psychotherapeutic approaches to elemental pacification and stimulation are covered.

  8½ x 11,  180 pages

Out of Print

Cancer: A Psychospiritual Journey
The Psychospiritual Pathology of Disease
Volume IV


Praised by health care professionals and patients as well as people who were sure they had no interest in cancer. The antiquity of cancer, a range of views on the disease, case histories with horoscopes, and information on cancer prevention are covered along with guided imagery techniques astrologers can use. Thought provoking esoteric chapters on "The Dramatic I" and "Holiness" are also included  along with chapters on treatment and counseling of patients, "Letting Go," and transmutation of transits. This is a book of hope and practicality.

  8½ x 11,  198 pages

Out of Print


Volume V


Transcription of a lecture on immune deficiency. The book covers detoxification, tonification, therapies for deranged "air" and building of the water element. It includes a chapter on music therapy as well as some recipes.

8½ x 11,  68 pages

Out of Print

Lunar Consciousness
Lunar Consciousness



The inner child and its relationship to the subconscious mind, memory, and the placement of the Moon in the horoscope are covered in remarkable depth. How memory and consciousness are built, the impact of experience on instincts, as well as the needs of each lunar type are discussed in detail.

8½ x 11,  120 pages

Out of Print

Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment

Cancer Salves:
A Botanical Approach to Treatment

Before the advent of modern medicine, cancer was often treated with herbs. In my book, I survey historic uses of herbal salves and internal tonics from ancient India through Hildegard of Bingen and Native Americans and into the present times. Guidelines for using the salves are included along with formulae for more than 100 cancer-related products. More on the cancersalves web site.

264 pages plus
8 pages of color


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