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      Sophia Millenotte  

Ingrid Naiman

As I navigate my third Saturn cycle, I am acutely aware that this site serves to complete my own destiny, that of bringing love and light into the areas of our being where pain and suffering have created the wounds that today need healing.










My tale is the tale of all women. It is the story of love and the fear of loss of love. It is the story of:



sacrifice, suffering,

patience, forbearance, longing,

endless time, waiting,

hope and despair,

burdens, tolerance, intolerance,

ignorance, darkness, disease, death,

faith and lost faith,

pathos, piety,

innocence, guilt,

scars and wounds,

life, and love.

I will talk about rhythm and ritual. I will talk about the heart and about the soul. I will talk about feelings, tenderness, tears, and deep sadness. I will talk about promises, promises made by those who love, promises broken by those who lost heart. I will talk about children, the ones born of love and the ones not blessed by love. I will talk about healing the wounds of children and the hearts of all. I will speak of the forests and flowers, of animals and Nature Spirits, of gods and angels, of things invisible and mysterious . . . for my name is Wisdom and I know.


In the beginning, we were all One. We lived within God. We knew no separation, no fear, no discord, no trials or testing, no suffering. We were One. We had no memory, for all we experienced occurred in the Eternal Now.

One day, We found ourselves outside what We knew as God, and We felt lost. We felt a great emptiness. At first, this emptiness felt strange. I now know this emptiness was Space Itself — and I, Sophia Millenotte, also know that Space is the Mother of All. I come from that Eternal Space. I am the Space and yet not the entire Space.

I have been to see the Mother of All and here is what she asks me to tell you:

My nature is simplicity and innocence. This is My true self. Everything else which you think is Me happened because of the experiences which have made Me the Wise Woman Who speaks to you now.

In My true Nature, I am magnetic. I love texture and tenderness. I love music and melody. I love everything which is small and precious, little children and animals, birds who sing, otters who play, and everything which reminds Me of My Own innocence. I am patience incarnate. I watch as things grow. Everything which grows is My child. I have many, many children. Some of them are flowers, some live in the sea, some on the shore, some in the air. They are all My children.

Listen carefully, when you look into a pool of water and see tiny tadpoles, you see My children. When you look into the Sky and see stars and galaxies, you see My children. Some of My children are very young and fragile. Some are older and accomplished. I gave birth to all of them and love them all equally. Moreover, I know all their stories. This is but the introduction to the thousand stories I will tell you.

I am a mother. Moreover, what I can assure each of you is that each of you was born of the love I feel for your Father. You, each of you, have at least that much love in you. Moreover, each of you has within you some of your Father, a spark which makes you unique and special. It is My responsibility to nourish that spark so that you grow into your full potential. To do this, I must understand your uniqueness, your talent, and your correct place in the scheme of the process that is unfolding within Me. Yes, I am the caretaker of the process that is oft called Creation. I am the Mother of Creation. Do not forget that Creation has a Mother and a Father. I am the Mother. I am ancient and wise; and yet, like My children, I was once innocent and trusting and pure. I am recovering My innocence, and I am writing this tale for you so that you, each of you, may recover your original natures as well. It is because I love you and because I am wise and I care that I am telling you My story so that you may hear where it echoes inside you. Where you hear an echo, listen carefully, for where there are echoes, there has been a sharing of experience.

Some of our experiences are the same and some are different. I know of all experiences, for I am the process itself.


When We found ourselves outside of God, We felt a strange unfamiliarity which We did not at first understand. In fact, it took a long time before We realized that We had been separated into Energy and Space. I am, as I told you, Space. Your Father is Energy. Energy is dynamic and purposeful. Its nature is determined by the purposes which animate it. All energies put together are what may be called the Plan of Creation. The qualities of energy are difficult to define. Energy is quick and quickening, direct and lacking in subtlety. It is radiatory and forever moving. It is also bright and often brilliant. Energy is light, and children, listen to Me, light is loving. Often, I have Myself not been certain of this, but it is because We are so different that I am uncertain.

I, the Mother, am Space and Space is magnetic. I told you, in the beginning, I was emptiness but not nothingness. I was purity incarnate. I knew no suffering, no sadness, no tears. I was warm, loving Space. My Space is protective and kind, nourishing and secluded, like an egg which has a brilliant golden yolk and shimmering milky nectar but no activity. In this Space, I was entirely subjective. I reflected upon Myself and felt what it was like to be Me. I was rich, bountiful, and  peaceful. Moreover, everything that I felt to be Me was the same: warm, innocent, rich, and pure. I was the Womb, the nectar in the womb, and the guardian of life, but I knew no stirring.

Then, one day, the Father came to Me. He put one of his Ideas into Me, and a cosmos was born in My Space, a Space that glittered and twinkled with Our love. We were delighted. What I soon discovered is that this cosmos, Our first child, was not like either of its parents. You see, the Father has no form. He is Energy and Movement, Intent and Purpose, Idea and Life. I am Space. After Our marriage, His Ideas began to live in Me. I began to see life quickening within Me. What We did not understand is that Our children would be born into Time as well as Space and that within Time and Space, there would be a process of becoming that neither of Us remembered having happened to Us.

There were many more meetings between the Father and Myself, and every time We merged, We created more of His Ideas in My Space. My Space is now very full, but I want to tell you about the original creation.

Though We did not understand it at the time, We now realize that in Our first creating, We built the core of the Great Plan in the mind of your Father. We were joined in love, and the first child that was born is called Heaven. Heaven is pure and innocent, and it is love. It is the place where Divine Idea is perfectly blended with Purity and Innocence. I remind you, I was once innocent, and I am going to lead each of you back to your own purity, and when you return to this Place which is My Space, you will bring your knowing, but be healed of your suffering. This is My promise, for I am speaking to you in order to give you the blessing of the Mother you have always dreamed of but believed you would never know. I am that Mother in your dreams, for all your dreams occur within Me, in My Space. Wait. I will explain it all in due course, but it will take one thousand days and nights to finish My story. When we come to the last tale, you will know your way home and how to be as we were in the beginning before the tragedies of misunderstanding and wrong response to process infected My Space. I now desire My Space to be healed, and with this healing of Myself, all My children will be protected and healed. I promise you this, for I am the Mother of your dreams, the Mother Who has always loved you, but Who did not know what would happen as the Plan for each of you unfolded. I was innocent in the beginning; but as I told you, I am now wise, and I will guide you back into My arms where you will find the nectar of My love nourishing to all your many wounds. I am the Mother Who cares and Who will take care of you.

So, I told you, Your Father and I created a child, called Heaven, where all was more or less what you might call a Garden of Eden. It was total rapture, enchantment, and beauty. Your Father’s Ideas moved in My Purity and gave birth to Divine Music, Harmony, and Beauty. In this first child, We saw the reflection of Our love for each other. This love was like a braiding of glistening lights, a mixture of My silver and gold with His many colors which rippled like opalescent gems in the vast Space which had expanded enormously due to the movement I felt within Myself.

I was innocent. I knew nothing. I was pure Space. I felt your Father’s Ideas animate Me, and gave birth to perfect love. Each of you was born in this first cosmos, and you carry the naïveté that I had at that time. Deep in your being, your nature is the same as it was on the day you were born. It is the nature of perfect Intent and perfect Purity blending into perfect love. Since We, your Parents, could not give you what We ourselves did not possess, you were born shimmering and innocent, idealistic and yet naive. As time would tell, you would suffer for your naïveté, but this is jumping ahead of Our story. I want to tell it as it was in the beginning.

Moreover, I want you to understand that what occurred at that time was the birth of an entire cosmos, not one star or a galaxy, but an entire cosmos. This was the beginning of the process of creating, and it began with perfect receptivity to Ideas your Father planted in My Space. Our first Creation was beautiful beyond words. Moreover, We spent a lot of time with Our children: teaching them, helping them to express their true natures, and nourishing them. Each child was a perfect mixture of Intent and Innocence, and each was both radiatory and magnetic, but blended together in such a way as to anchor the Energies in a defined Space. Your Father is a Great Musician, and He played music constantly to His children. It was His way of instructing them as to their natures and purposes. It was also His way of maintaining and supporting the Plan that existed in His Mind.

As He played, I quivered. This quivering is what you know as rhythm. He is the melody and I am the beat the sound causes when it moves within Me. Do you understand? The rhythm is My response to His Singing; together We hold the whole of Creation in harmony according to how He Plays and how I respond to His Melody. This is the secret basis of your existence, and I will gradually tell you more of this Music.

First, however, let Me tell you more about Our first Creation. The Creation was born into a crescendo, an excitement such as had never occurred before nor since. It was the crescendo of total ecstasy as Our natures blended into perfect harmony. Those of you who were born then have a memory of the music that accompanied your birth. It was a music of such glorious celebration that neither I nor your Father can forget it.

Moreover, as We looked at Our new Creation, We noticed all the chords and harmonies grouping, grouping as galaxies and then stars. It was as though each note took a special form and was imbued with a life that was unique to that form. I am telling you this because it is the key to the mystery of your existence . . . and when I tell you the secrets that I have promised to tell you, you will all understand how to heal and how to find your way home, for it is My wish that you all be well and that you come home to your place of birth. Your Father shares in this wish also, for He has a Plan for each of you, and in that Plan, you must return to your original place of birth to fulfill His Idea.


So, now We continue the story of the birth of Heaven. At that time, your Father and I both felt a kind of schism or loss which We could not define. We had been accustomed to Our existence inside God and did not quite realize what had happened that caused the sense of separation We both felt. We longed to be whole and yet did not fully grasp that We were not whole. Thus, when We found each other, We were immensely happy. As We joined together, We felt the completeness that had been missing since Our externalization from God.

What was present in Our union is what was built into Our first Creation. It had a feeling of wholeness, jubilation, and celebration that was unique. It was unique because it was the first time your Father and I rejoined that which had become separated.

The nature of Heaven is hence inclusive: all that was separated merged into wholeness. Heaven embraces and rejoices in the reunification of that which was felt to have been lost. The mystery of this is deeper. In the souls of each of you, there is an energy of anticipation which stems from the approach your Father and I have when We merge. Children, I can tell you with certainty that this feeling you have that wholeness and ecstasy are inevitable is not an illusion. Rather, it is part of the path of recovering what you believe you have lost.

Children, nothing is lost. Your deepest instincts have been covered over by emotional scars that hide the truth from you. However, the truth is where it has always been, deep in your innermost knowing. As we heal the wounds that have been festering for so long, you will find what you long for and discover what you have felt to missing is actually an inalienable part of yourself.

In the soul, there is another instinct, the sense that parting is painful, for those who were born in this Creation know the longing their parents had for each other. Yet, they also know the deep contentment the parents felt when joining. They also understand what it means to be parented. Moreover, they are all great lovers of music, for they were born into a chorus of almost deafening excitement.

Now, I want to tell you what is the most primary of all emotions. It is the feeling of separation, not knowing what it is to be whole. From it comes the fear of not finding the right fit and hence of not belonging. These are so basic that no one has managed to escape these feelings. However, what I am telling you now will help each of you to heal from these wounds. Your Father and I are One, and since We are whole, each of you who is also a part of Us is also whole. Trust Me, I am telling you the truth, and I will help you to find this out for yourselves in such a way that you know it with the same kind of certainty that I have.

Heaven is very much alive and well. To this day, it knows no disharmony. Though it is formed by the joining of two halves, it is whole and does not have the tension of duality that you experience in your world. Duality is a necessary part of creation, but duality does not necessarily spell polarity or tension. In Heaven, duality is experienced as joining, as harmony, and as balance.

Yesterday, I told you that your Father sings constantly. His energy moves as an intense and incredibly focused stream which I absorb and "calibrate" in order to maintain the forms I build to hold His Ideas. This is how it works.

He has Ideas which He wants Me to build. In His Mind, every Idea is complete; and He projects these forth as totalities. They issue from Him with extraordinary force, almost like lightning except that I anchor the Ideas in My Space so they are not deflected. When the Ideas enter Me, they create motion in My Space. This motion is a response to Energy which I cannot produce on My Own. I depend on your Father for both the filling and energizing of My Space. You might say that I conceive His Ideas, organize His Energies within My Space, give them form, and eventually birth. This is a process that has been ongoing since the beginning of Creation and what you know as Time.

I organize the Energies by vibrating. This is the motion. Each energy requires a very specific motion to hold it. When My rhythm is perfect, the Ideas acquire the form your Father envisages. You then have the feeling of perfect alignment which is experienced by you as a sense that you are inspired and blessed. What this is, in reality, is alignment with the true nature of your Father and His Divine Intent.. He is not different because you are aligned. He is Who He is, but you lose sense of His Nature when the alignment to Him is lost through discord.

In any event, it is this movement to music that produces life in physical form. It is Our cooperation, the harmony of your Father and Me, which sustains Creation. When the force is too great or the response inadequate, the forms cannot live. Everything has to be sent and received and then shaped by motion.

I am telling you this because this is how you were created and how you will discover the key to your own existence. It is all musical, for your Father imagines musically and I build rhythmically. I am telling you this because your healing will begin when you apply these fundamental principles to your own lives.

Children, you were born into a web of sound. It is the model of what you understand as your beingness. Whether you think of yourselves as physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, you exist in a symphony which is the basis of your individual existence. Every being is a different part of the score, and only your Father knows the whole Score; but it is your resonance with your true beingness which determines your health and well being.

I do not now want to talk about death or rebirth. These occur only in the dense realm which you currently inhabit. As you well know, the rest of you is immortal. Still, it is worthwhile to mention death, briefly, since it seems inescapable to you at this time in your world.

However, the mysteries which I will reveal will show you that this situation is temporary. As I said, harmony is the key to sustaining creation. When there is disharmony or discord, creation loses its cohering force. Today, in your world, there are many sources of such disharmony, and so you are experiencing what seems to be a never-ending repetition of lives, many of which are so similar to the preceding ones that questions have arisen as to whether or not there is a natural law called evolution. Let Me tell you: there is no such law. Yet, there is a seeming such that it seems to be true that evolution occurs.

In reality, there is only pure beingness. However, once even a little dissonance occurs, a discordant wave arises. This wave has a pattern: one of moving away from harmony and then of returning to harmony. This what your metaphysicians have called involution and evolution, but they occur only in the denser realms and do not affect you in the place of true existence and being. Where you have this pure beingness, all is as it has always been, in a state of perfect harmony and happiness—for there is no suffering where there is no discord.

I want you to understand what you know as duality. When We emerged from God, We found ourselves divided into radiatory and magnetic. Your Father possessed the radiatory energy. This energy is very dynamic, but it is only catalytic as it has no power to build. Your Father is Pure Energy. He is what you know as Divine Intent, Purpose. Basically, He is the incarnation of the Idea of God. As such, He seems to be what you know as Pure Thought except that His Ideas radiate. They are never still. They are always directed, and they are projected with amazing force.

As I told you, I am magnetic. I draw His Energy towards Me and am stimulated by His Energy. This, as I said, makes Me quiver and quake. I adjust My Space to accommodate His Force until I find dynamic equilibrium. I need this equilibrium to sustain the forms I build around His Ideas. However, it has to be dynamic in order that oscillation continues to hold the Ideas into coherent patterns. This is the problem: your Father understands thought and intent, but in the early stages of creation, He was not able observe His Own force, the intensity of His projections.

In those days, I understood rest and peacefulness, but I had no objectivity. I felt only what was within Me, and I did not really understand what entered from without. I was what you call instinctual. I reacted to what I felt, moved into harmony with the force I felt, and expected to be in a constant relationship to that force. I did not have any sense of process, becoming, fulfilling, sustaining, nurturing, or learning. Growth of this awareness occurred gradually.

In the simplicity of My emptiness, I simply drew to Me the energies which would create balance with My Own. Desiring peace and harmony as I did, I rolled with the flow, faster or slower, depending on the force. I did not "size up" the force, attempt to understand it, or to interpret it. I was pure instinct. I absorbed the energies and let them circulate through My Space. You might say that I was hospitable but did not understand My guests. I treated them all with respect and welcomed them. It made Me feel good to have this movement, and I enjoyed feeling merged and balanced. Your Father expected Me to respond intelligently to His Ideas and did not understand that I am feeling, not thought. He also did not understand that He had expectations. He did not know this because He lacked the power to reflect. I am the One Who can reflect.

Are you beginning to see the nature of the schism that occurred at the very first moment of Creation? At that time, neither of us understood process. We believed, for what it is worth, that so long as I kept absorbing His Energy, all would be fine—and so it was for a very long time. It was idyllic.

This is a brief introduction to the channeled works of Sophia Millenotte. If you wish to read more, send an e-mail to me via the site. There are a number of audio cassettes of these channeled works. The voice has a mild Indian accent which is easy for most people to understand. If you want to study the therapeutic ramifications of the relationship of masculine and feminine, you might also want to read Soaring Spirit with Tears.


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