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      Introduction to the Astrology of Healing  

Ingrid Naiman with Tibetans

Find out more about about my system.

Let me introduce myself.




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The world's foremost physicians and philosophers have throughout the ages regarded knowledge of medical astrology as crucial to their understanding of the mysterious astrochemistry of the body. By reference to the planets, they decided when prophylactic measures should be applied to mitigate the harmful effects of stressful times. My astrology of healing utilizes astrology in conjunction with medical tenets from many different cultures and eras and reveals how wise use of the tools of medical astrology can affect "fate".

My system of medical astrology is clear, coherent, and comprehensive. Not only are the astrological tools easily understandable, but interpretations span the gamut of physical, emotional, and spiritual levels of personal expression. The system is energetic, dynamic, and logical—so that it is easily learned by virtually everyone, from children to mature adults, even those who have done years of psychotherapy.

My goal has always been to provide information that can be rendered immediately useful. My tapes and books as well as course are designed so that you learn a new language and with each page, your vocabulary and conversance with the material increases. So, whereas I expect my students to be able to offer meaningful consultations to their clients within a year or two of commencing study with me, I expect that every article will offer lay persons and general readers tidbits that can be immediately and safely applied to their lives so as to enhance the overall feeling of well-being.

My system employs Western astrology and a mixture of medical tenets from various cultures and eras. The basic structure resembles ayurveda in many respects, but I have carefully imported wisdom from other systems of medicine, ancient and modern, and fitted them into the overall energetic model of astrology.

I use a four element system for classifying both temperament and constitutional types even though Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine use five elements. This is not to say that "ether" does not exist or that metal and wood do not have their counterparts in my thinking, only that since astrology uses a four element system, the qualities that one might ascribe to ether tend either to be viewed as trans-air or Uranus-like in nature.


My system has four cornerstones:

stress, the conflicts that weaken our stability and undermine both physiological and psychological integrity

the elements, the substance of which the world of form is built

astroendocrinology, the part of my system that shows how feelings and thought affect the chakras and endocrine glands
the Moon, the clue to the structure of the subconscious and inherited tendencies from the past

Whatever the issue, I try to show how the matter affects people in their entirety. Thus, physical symptoms are shown to have energetic causes with correlates on the emotional or personality level and these parts of the psyche are always interrelated to our souls and spirits. I do not separate the patient from the disease or the disease from the pattern in which it found opportunity to arise. It is my firm belief that when underlying causes that aggravate the tendency towards imbalance are shifted, that the disease itself will retreat.




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